Technology : Di An


Stone Mastic Asphalt – SMA

Date: 28-01-2013

Để thiết kế một con đường có thể mang tải trọng nặng và mật độ xe lớn, ngoài việc phải đáp ứng được một nền đường có khả năng nhận ...


Date: 24-08-2012

PM-II.OD PM-II.OD: Process mate II control system for continuous mixing plants allow us to control totally product detail: quantity, temperature, content of the components of asphalt concrete… Double Barrel drum mixer ...


Date: 24-08-2012

In the period of loading time, silos system with only 1 minute loading time for 1 truck with 30 tons, with this silos, BMT could ensure about the ordered quantity ...


Date: 24-08-2012

Operation guideline of BMT is to create as most as possible customer value, the product with highest quality, most convenience, for a long periode of time, BMT invested incessantly in ...

Transport system

Date: 24-08-2012

One of the basic condition in order to serve the customer is that the supplier have to got the complete service, from the mixing works and product stocks to the ...

Adhesive componant

Date: 24-08-2012

With fine materials, unit surface is larger than other coarse materials with the same of quantity unit, so that the water withdrawing process will extend longer. However, BMT always controls ...

Cold feeds system

Date: 24-08-2012

Cold feeds system will be classified carrefully from the beginning Input supplies are classified carefully from the start. Besides, BMT had got the adhesive research and production plant in order to ...

M-Pack line with capacity of 300 tons per hour

Date: 24-08-2012

Established from 1993, BMT had provided over 2 million tons of asphalt concrete. With more than 16 yeas in operation and development, BMT always make important in satisfacting the customer ...