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Project: Harbour Bridge


About Saigon 2 bridge construction

Date: 29-09-2013

Saigon 2 Bridge is the gateway to the northeast of Ho Chi Minh City . To relieve pressure on the direction of traffic congestion and in sync with the expansion ...

Saigon 2 Bridge

Saigon 2 Bridge

Date: 29-08-2013

Starting in 4/2012, with total investment capital of VND 1,500 billion in the form of BT (build - transfer), Saigon 2 Bridge expected to be completed after 21 months of ...


Cầu Sài Gòn 1

Date: 24-06-2013

Kỳ I. Thi công sửa chữa trên Cầu Sài Gòn năm 2011. Cầu Sài Gòn (trước năm 1975 tên là cầu Tân Cảng) là một trong những cây cầu bắc qua ...


Tan Cang-Cai Mep container terminal leading road

Date: 24-12-2012

Tan Cang - Cai Mep International container terminal will be charged in this year, and the execution of leading road come to this terminal have to be done urgently. Therefore, ...


Rach Chiec Bridge

Date: 24-08-2012


Tan Son Nhat air cargo

Date: 24-08-2012

BMT was supplying hot mix asphalt for the air cargo of Tan Son Nhat airport. Tan Son Nhat airport


Dự án xây dựng cầu Phú Mỹ

Date: 17-08-2012

The Phu My Bridge will span the Saigon River between Districts 7 and 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. The bridge will form part of a new ring road currently ...